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    Hi! I'm Sam, short for Samantha, and welcome to my blog! This has been something I've been working on for some time now, and with the gentle nudges of my loved ones and some serious dedication, I've finally sat down to get this going. 

    A little about me... I live in the always busy city of New York, although my family and I are originally from Trinidad & Tobago. I'm 26 years old, newly married to my amazing spouse, and trying to get through the ins and outs of life and being an adult. 

    My main goal through my blog: to inspire others who might relate to me and motivate those who might need a little extra help. I love beauty, fashion and food like most! But lately I've been trying to embrace every moment that comes by and work on being a better version of me. My blogs will be sprinkled with a little bit of everything that I love and my experiences, in the hopes that I can inspire, relate, and give back as a positive influence in our society. 

    I'm always open for discussion, questions or comments, so feel free to contact me if you just need someone to talk to!

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    Lets stay connected: 

    Email: Simply.Sambxo@gmail.com

    Instagram: @_samanthabxo

    Twitter: @cestlavie__xo


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